Collaborations with Roa Olam

About Roa Olam & me

My name is Michal Manor and I'm a travel blogger, journalist and the owner of Roa Olam.

I'm also the manager of the travel bloggers community in Israel

Roa Olam is a leading travel blog & magazine in Israel that specializes in introducing new destinations to the Israeli audience.

The magazine is aimed at a target audience interested in travel and special destinations with a focus on design, architecture, street art, food, culture, art, family vacations and more.

It combines Urban lifestyle, culinary delights and teen spirit under the same umbrella.

Many of my readers have kids so there are also many posts dedicated to traveling with kids and teens.

The magazine is also accompanied by a Facebook group of 18,000 members and a mailing list of 8000 subscribers.

Additionally, articles about my trips  also published in  the national Israeli media like Yedioth Achronot, Mako, Lametayel etc.

:Marketing tours and media visits Roa Olam organised & took part in​

During the last 2 years I organised and took part in several media tours, which were very successful.

All the posts from those tours appear in the first places of Google results and got  a lot of publicity and thousands views.

Here are some examples of marketing tours and media visits Roa Olam organised or took part in​

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אמסטרדם, בודפשט, וינה, ורשה, קרקוב, לונדון ופרנצלאאור ברג (ברלין).

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